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HVAC SCAMS to watch out for

Undercover sting of HVAC SCAMS. It can at times be hard to tell the difference between SCAM and incompetence.

Common HVAC SCAMS to watch for


Replacing Parts When They Don’t Need Replacing

 A service technician may inform you a part needs repair when the part is perfectly fine. Most of the time, the cost of replacing the part will be so high, buying a whole new unit appears to be the right choice.

A big red flag is when a technician suggests you have several faulty parts. This is very rarely the case. In the vast majority of air conditioner failures, one defective part compromises the integrity of the whole unit. Chances are, multiple parts aren’t functioning because of one part broke

The “Buy Right Now”

Be wary of HVAC contractors who try to rush your decision to buy. If they give you a quote and then tell you that you’ll pay less by acting immediately and pay more if they have to come back, they’re likely not as reputable as you think. A good contractor will give you time to think about your installation or repair and will be willing to come back a second time to do the job. Watch out for the true good to be true offers and anyone claiming to be giving away thousands of dollars in discounts or free stuff.

Pushy, High-Pressure Sales Are Never a Good Sign

 According to HVAC technicians hoping to scare you into paying way too much for services and parts you don’t need, a cracked heat exchanger isn’t the only stick of dynamite that could blow at any moment. If at any point a technician resorts to scare tactics to sell something to you, do not give in. Chances are, they need to scare you into buying from them now because they’re scamming you. They don’t want to allow you time to get a second opinion. 

Unless your unit is visibly on fire, it doesn’t present an immediate threat to your mortal safety. You have time to get multiple opinions. Don’t let an AC technician scare you into paying for services you don’t need.

Watch Out for the Bait and Switch

Unscrupulous HVAC companies will attempt to generate more business by making "offers you cannot refuse" such as discounted services or products. Once they've gotten in the door, shady techs will take advantage of this time to sell you on other services, or mislead you on the condition of your unit to sell you more than you expected.

At AIR RESCUE, we never charge more than we initially quote. Beware of HVAC companies low-balling their estimate. They often run into "unexpected" and expensive complications.

Bigger is not better

When a local contractor recommends you that a greater choice is to invest in bigger units, think twice. Just because an HVAC unit is bigger does not necessarily mean that it is better. Beware of those contractors who push you hard to purchase bigger units, even without considering the size of your home. An oversized unit means expensive purchase and installation. Ask the contractor for the formula they use in calculating the size and load of HVAC units. 

Second Opinions

Don't be afraid to get second opinions. Especially, if you are facing a very expensive repair or system replacement. We are proud to offer free second opinions.

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