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Design Issues


Residential duct work design should start on the drawing board.  Often times determining the most efficient and effective design for heating and cooling duct work is an after-thought to the new construction process.  Lowest price and speed of installation should not be your primary concerns because duct performance impacts energy efficiency, operating costs, comfort and indoor air quality.  As a result, modern ductwork should be designed into the blueprint for each home. 

In the past, scientific ductwork design principles weren’t always given priority in residential construction.  Today’s HVAC professionals spend a lot of time attempting to remedy the negative consequences of negligent design and installation of home ductwork.  Often, current residents of the homes have been living with undiagnosed high costs and comfort shortfalls for decades.

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Signs of Duct Issues

· Rooms that are chronically too hot or too cold.

· Furnaces and A/C units that don’t live up to the manufacturer’s energy efficiency   specs.

· Unexplained high heating and cooling expenses.

· Pressure differentials in rooms that push conditioned air out of the home through      tiny structural gaps or draw contaminated air from unconditioned zones into living   spaces, impacting indoor air quality.

· Excess indoor humidity.

· Air currents and drafts from HVAC vents that disturb occupants.

· Hot or cold airflow that does not circulate into rooms and mix with existing air.

· Noisy airflow interfering with conversations, watching television, etc.

· Blower fans that use excess energy to push air through the system and/or fail         before their expected service life.

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Get the facts......

Whether its the mechanic, doctor or HVAC specialist, everything starts with a good assessment.  This will help us determine airflow, heat load and other deficiencies that may be causing you discomfort. 


How we do it......

We use some of the most sophisticated equipment available to assess air conditioning air flow, duct leakage and other parameters that will effect your HVAC system operation.


It is not all rocket science...

Oftentimes, airflow issues are the result of poor quality install.  Physical bends and choke points can often be visually identified and corrected easily.

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Duct Inspection


We will visually inspect your duct system for issues. This includes crushed, torn or bent ducts that may choke of air flow. In addition, using a state of the art flow hood we can measure air flow into your problem areas.


Most duct systems today are not equipped with dampers. Dampers control the flow of air at the HVAC unit. Ceiling grills are often used by home owners to try an control air flow. In most cases this is noisy and inefficient.  We can install dampers in your duct system to help balance air flow.

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Take advantage or our $99 duct system inspection special and find out what the heck is going on with your system. 

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Inspection of a new home under constuction and potential duct system pitfalls.

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